Thesis organization

  1. If the student wishes to make a dissertation with a promoter outside the ULB, the jury has to agree and a director, member of the scientific or academic staff at the ULB, needs to be designated.
  2. The dissertation can be written in French or English and should take about 50 pages (+ any annexes).
  3. For each dissertation, two reviewers need to be proposed by the director and approved by the jury.
  4. The dissertation has to handen in in 5 copies to the jury two weeks prior to the defence (to Soumaya Hajir, secretary of the (IB)2). These copies are for the president of the jury, the promoter, the two reviewers, and the secretary of the Masters.
  5. A version of the dissertation must be submitted to the secretariat on no later that the deadline (any delay will be sanctioned: -2 points / day of delay). The student will arrange to send copies to the other promoter (s) and reviewers.
  6. The defence of the dissertation can be in French or English. It includes a 20 minute presentation and a Q of 20 min.

    Where to find a dissertation topic at the ULB

    Additional information can be found on this website.