MA-BINF program in 1 year (60 ECTS)

This program provides an advanced study into the different aspects of bioinformatics and biological modemodellingling. The program contains 60 credits, following the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

This program is open to students with a Master degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Engineering.

The objectives are to provide a deeper understanding and knowledge into the different areas that define bioinformatics and biological modelling, on the one hand, and to prepare the students for an active role both in academic and industrial research and development.

The courses are taught in English unless everyone sufficiently understands French.

This program is a collection of courses from the 120 ECTS program: Detailed information concerning the program of 120 ECTS can be found on this website.

The program of 60 ECTS follows the profile below:

  • Obligatory courses (20 ECTS)

    • BINF-F402 Genomics, proteomics, evolution - Jean François FLOT (coordinator), Matthieu DEFRANCE - 5 ECTS
    • BINF-F403 Biophysics and structural bioinformatics I - Dimitri GILIS (coordinator), Marianne ROOMAN - 5 ECTS
    • BINF-F404 Modelling dynamical systems in biology - Didier GONZE - 5 ECTS
    • INFO-F434 Biological databases and analysis of macromolecular sequences - Didier GONZE (coordinator) - 5 ECTS

  • Master Thesis (25 ECTS)

    • MEMO-F518 Mémoire - Marianne ROOMAN (coordinator) - 25 ECTS

  • Optional courses (choose 15 ECTS)

    • BINF-F401 Analysis of functional genomic data - Vincent DETOURS (coordinator) - 5 ECTS
    • BIOL-F459 Biophysics and structural bioinformatics II - Dimitri GILIS (coordinator), Marianne ROOMAN, Wim VRANKEN - 5 ECTS
    • INFO-F422 Statistical foundations of machine learning - Gianluca BONTEMPI (coordinator), Bernard MANDERICK - 5 ECTS
    • CHIM-F4001 Rational drug design and PKPD modeling - Martine PREVOST (coordinator), Jean-Christophe LELOUP - 5 ECTS
    • BINF-F501 - Determination of biomolecular structures and structural data analysis - ReneĢ WINTJENS (coordinator) - 5 ECTS
    • INFO-F409 Learning dynamics - Tom LENAERTS (coordinator) - 5 ECTS
    • INFO-H413 Heuristic optimisation - Thomas STUTZLE (coordinator) - 5 ECTS
    • PHYS-F512 Molecular motors and stochastic processes - Pierre GASPARD - 5 ECTS
    • INFO-H410 Techniques of artificial intelligence - Hugues BERSINI, Ann NOWE - 5 ECTS
    • INFO-F438 Algorithms in computational biology - Tom LENAERTS, Jean CARDINAL - 5 ECTS
    • INFO-F439 Advanced Methods in Bioinformatics - Matthieu DEFRANCE (coordinator), Wim VRANKEN - 5 ECTS


This program is a collection of 60ECTS of courses coming from the normal Master program of 2 years. To register for this program you have to register for the 2 year program on the ULB website and ask for admission in the 1 year program via the motivation letter (Online registration via Online application form). Only students with a Master are allowed in this program.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact the president of this program Didier Gonze (