MBM program in 2 years

This program provides a two-year advanced study into the different aspects of bioinformatics and biological modeling. The program contains 120 credits, following the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

This program is open to students with a good academic background (bachelor degree) in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Engineering.

The objectives are to provide a deeper understanding and knowledge into the different areas that define bioinformatics and biological modeling, on the one hand, and to prepare the students for an active role both in academic and industrial research and development.

The language used in the courses depends on the students attending it.

Detailed information concerning the program of 120 ECTS can be found via this site

First block of 60 ECTS

The first block of this program consists of two parts: 1) one or two courses to get up to speed and 2) a collection of courses that cover the three principal research areas : sequence, structure and function.

Preparatory courses (10 ECTS)

For bachelors in Biology, Chemistry, Bio-engineering and related disciplines:
  • INFO-F-101 Programmation by T. Massart, 10 ECTS (organized in first semester)

For bachelors in Computer Science, Mathematics and related disciplines:
  • BIOL-F4003 Biologie générale et mécanismes de l’évolution par P. Mardulyn, 5 ECTS (organisé au premier semestre)
  • BIOL-F4001 Biologie moléculaire et biochimie par C. Gueydan,M. Vandenbranden et V. Kruys 5 ECTS (organisé au premier semestre)
Note that these courses are in French.

Second block of 60 ECTS

The second block is again divided into two parts:
  1. The internship and thesis are obligatory More information concerning the internship can be found on the following website. The information concerning the thesis can be found on this site.
  2. A collection of in depths courses that cover the same three research areas as before.