Admission Conditions

If you are carrying a Bachelor in one of the following disciplines: mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, bioengineering, biomedical, bioengineering or civil engineer, you can directly access the 120 ECTS Master in Bioinformatics & Modelling .

If you are a holder of a Master in one of the disciplines mentioned above you can follow a personal program (see message below) of 60 ECTS.

If you are carrying a academic degree of MA in Industrial sciences (chemistry and biochemistry purposes), science in industrial engineering (chemistry and biochemistry goals) in agricultural sciences, or science of the industrial engineer in agronomy, issued in French Community of Belgium, the jury may eventually impose a complementary program of 15 ECTS.

If you are carrying a academic degree of BA in Agricultural sciences, industrial sciences, chemistry, computer management, computer science and systems, the jury may eventually impose a maximum of 60 additional ECTS.

The university admission page provides all information on how to verify your eligibility.
More information for foreign students who want to come to the ULB can take a look at this site.


This program is a collection of 60ECTS of courses coming from the normal Master program of 2 years. To register for this program you have to register for the 2 year program on the ULB website and ask for admission in the 1 year program via the motivation letter (Online registration via Online application form). Only students with a Master are allowed in this program.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact the president of this program Didier Gonze (